Member Spotlight: Anne Morgan

Member Spotlight: Anne Morgan
Check out our latest Member Profile of Anne Morgan. Anne has been a Lite Timer since February 2016. She finds Woolf Works a calm and purposeful place, and loves the library.
What do you do?
I truly embrace the portfolio life! I’ve worked for the American Association for more than six years in various roles and I also work for CPM - the global leader in providing integrated sales strategies, mentoring a young management team and generally trying to make myself useful to the MD. I’m also fairly active in the American Chamber of Commerce and PrimeTime.
Why do you do what you do?
Moving to Singapore almost seven years ago gave me the opportunity to try new things and broaden my horizons. I realised there is no point in doing anything you don’t wholeheartedly enjoy. Finally, I have a notoriously short attention span and lots of energy!
Can you tell me about how you got to where you are now?
I spent the first part of my career in a high- octane super pressurised environment and didn’t have the time to think about the wider community. Letting go of my career was the key to propelling me to where I am now.
Is there anything that you're working on currently that has you excited?
Yes, the American Association turns 100 next year and I’m working on an e-book about my time there. It is a light hearted observation about working with the American community as a non-American.
What led you to the decision to work out of a coworking space and what drew you to Woolf Works specifically?
At home, it’s far too easy to indulge in the most ridiculous displacement strategies to avoid placing my backside on a chair and actually focusing on a task. I visited Michaela and loved the ambience of the space. I also loved the flexibility and the strong community feel.
How does the environment at Woolf Works impact your work on a day to day basis?
It is calm and purposeful and gives me the freedom to think creatively. I particularly like the library and I love seeing new and familiar faces.
What’s the best advice you’ve received that has helped you with your business?
Don’t burn any bridges and always be gracious: what you thought you had left behind can unexpectedly resurface in a different guise. Also - do what you say you are going to do.



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