Important news About our Coworking Space

Important news About our Coworking Space



Recently we had some sad news to share with our membership, which I am now sharing with the rest of you. 

This April will be three years of business for Woolf Works. Three years of building a wonderful community of women, hosting inspiring speakers and events and providing a 'Room of Ones Own' for women to work on their dreams. Sadly though, the financial model of Woolf Works is just not working. Its time for me to draw a line in the sand and say it can't continue in it's current form. 


Woolf Works will close the doors at Carpenter Street at the end of April. 

I am of course sad to let go of our calm, quiet, supportive little corner of Singapore. I still thoroughly believe in the vision behind Woolf Works and believe it has been a success in many mays - just not financially unfortunately. The Singapore coworking market is exploding and its time for us to cut our losses and leave the others to fight it out.


What about Woolf Works going forward?

We are a strong community of passionate, interesting, independent women and you can't just press delete on a community. We are keeping in place our internal network and exploring ways to develop it in other directions later in the year. Peer Circles, Catalyst, Lean In Circles are all so valuable - and so will no doubt be returning in some shape or form.


Save the Date: Woolf Works Party - March 15th.

For those who have been a part of our community in some way - whether as a member or attending events or workshops, please do come along for a drink and a chance to say goodbye. More details on our event page here. 



For all of those who came on this Woolf Works journey with me, I truly appreciate your support. I continue to be amazed and inspired by the power of women working together and I really feel like we are moving into a new age of womanhood, of feminism. It's exciting and refreshing and gives me hope for my daughters generation. 

Now, it's time for me to practise what I preach a little - and follow my other dream of finishing writing a novel. I am taking some months to step away from my normal day to day entrepreneurs life, take care of myself and write. After I emerge from that, lets see what new opportunities arise!


Thank you again,



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